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A healthy redwood forest with trees if varying ages.


Stewarding Healthy Forests

ForEverGreen Forestry (FGF) is guided by our core commitment to protecting ancient forests and ensuring viable, intact forests for the future—whether working forests, wilderness, or everything in between. Healthy forests provide clean air and water, carbon sequestration, and wildlife habitat; all of which we desperately need today. FGF works to restore ecological functions and processes—like fire—so Mother Nature can do the rest.  Founder and principal Tracy Katelman is a Registered Professional Forester (RPF #2483) with deep roots in forest conservation, sustainable forestry, and restoration. Our experience includes:


  • Early innovator and leader in third-party forest certification as cofounder of both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Institute for Sustainable Forestry.

  • Campaign facilitation and fundraising for several projects to restore temperate forests.

  • Active participant in California’s Forest Management Task Force since its inception, including the Prescribed Fire and Landowner Education and Outreach Working Groups.

  • Active with organizations promoting excellent forestry, including a founding member of the Forest Stewards Guild and the Buckeye Forest Project.

  • Early participant in the National Network of Forest Practitioners and later the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition.

  • Led the North Coast Restoration Jobs Initiative for the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs & the Environment, a labor-environmental alliance to develop living-wage jobs for watershed restoration workers.

  • Wrote one of the first, approved Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans in the then-contentious Mattole watershed of northern California.

  • As one of California’s early female foresters, Tracy continues to help shape and lead excellent forestry both on the ground and in the policy arena, with a focus on fire resiliency and restoration management.


We are an organization built on a love of the forests and the creatures that inhabit them. When we protect and support forest health, including best practices related to fire suppression and prescribed fire, we protect our human communities as well. 

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