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A prescribed fire on the California Lost Coast.


Creating and Supporting Community Resiliency

ForEverGreen Forestry (FGF) is a leader in helping communities, NGOs, and local governments in planning and preparing for wildfire in California, nationally, and Internationally. We facilitate communication and consensus among citizens aiming to achieve climate resiliency. Our experience includes:

Fire is one of those rare subjects that can unite diverse people in a given locale in service of a mutually beneficial goal. Today there is clearly great interest in advancing wildfire-preparedness activity and agendas in most places in the Western US.

“Community resiliency” is a current term for making a neighborhood, town, or larger area as ready for and resilient to wildfire as possible–to be a “Fire-Adapted Community”. FGF can help your community prepare for wildfire and climate change. 

Working with local residents to prepare for fire in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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