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A traditional Mapuche "trafkintu" seed exchange in southern Chile.


Facilitating Positive Action

ForEverGreen Forestry (FGF) is committed to ecological integrity. Our team members have long histories of involvement in wildfire community preparedness; forest, fish, and wildlife habitat restoration; sustainability and conservation initiatives; wilderness protection; and other large-scale conservation and community organizing efforts.


Our team has worked together on various combinations over the last two decades in projects from Chile to the Santa Monica Mountains to rural Humboldt County and more. We facilitate people learning to live in balance with the world around them, whether that be through creating Fire Adapted Communities, climate resiliency, healthy streams and forests, or a myriad of other strategies. 


Tracy Katelman is the founder and president of ForEverGreen Forestry. She has over three decades of experience in community wildfire planning, community organizing, facilitation and development, and temperate forest management.


Today it is more apparent than ever that educating and supporting people and human communities in their relationship with the landscape is critical to any climate resiliency, forest health, or environmental restoration work, as well as the over-arching effort to mitigate rapid climate change and its consequences. 


ForEverGreen Forestry is uniquely positioned to aid efforts to involve, educate, and help people do their part to maintain local ecological balance and avoid and prepare for climate change. We contribute expertise and networking, as well as project management skills.


Now it’s not only the forests, the salmon, and the animals that need protection — it’s all of us. We can do it working together.

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