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A native Araucaria forest on the border between Chile and Argentina.


Protecting Landscape Resiliency

Landscape resiliency as a formal concept predates community resiliency models; modern conservation efforts have had an underlying resiliency goal since they began more than a century ago. ForEverGreen Forestry (FGF) supports efforts including designating core unroaded wilderness areas, large intact tracts of wild spaces and sustainably managed wildlands, habitat connectivity for animals that move around, minimum flows for fish, and much more to maintain healthy populations of dependent species. Our experience includes:

  • Facilitating ancient forest conservation, primarily working in the temperate rainforests of California's coast redwoods and in Southern Chile and Argentina. 

  • Launching campaigns among diverse stakeholders, developing strategic plans for success, and facilitating their funding,  implementation, and successful completion. 

  • Leading efforts to protect the Headwaters Ancient Redwood Forest—now the Headwaters Forest Reserve—including the Headwaters Forest Stewardship Plan and its award-winning GIS. 

  • Designing landscape-level conservation strategies including Redwoods to the Sea in California and the Gondwana program in Patagonia that led to the successful Karunkika debt-for-nature swap project in Tierra del Fuego, Chile.


As the Indigenous peoples knew long ago, conservation of resources is essential to human and ecosystem survival. Without a habitat—a healthy functioning ecosystem that is the web of life—nothing lives. ForEverGreen Forestry keeps conservation principles at the core of everything we do.

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