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Community Organizing

Empowering Change

As grassroots environmentalists, we learned long ago that without local community buy-in to conservation or fire-safety projects, the best efforts are doomed to lackluster results. People—mainly area residents—need to have a stake in making or maintaining changes that result in more vibrant and resilient landscapes and communities. People also need to learn about consequences of actions, over-development, and squandering of limited resources and fragile ecosystems so we can stem the tide of loss of environmental integrity.


ForEverGreen Forestry has increasingly oriented its work toward involving more people in efforts to protect the environment and improve fire safety. With the growing threats of climate change and fire, no one can afford to be ignorant or uninvolved any longer. We have “people skills” and organizing skills that help bring stakeholders, neighbors, and interested groups together to identify and achieve common goals. We can share how things have been accomplished elsewhere and inspire action with concrete step-by-step strategic plans tailored to specific landscapes and situations. From grassroots organizing to community service, FGF can draw on a wealth of past campaigns and projects to fit its services to new communities and challenges.

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